Change Your Mindset, Change Your Community

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If you justify your membership investment by saying the price is low, you will lose a member when they find an alternative with a lower price. Because buyers who are attracted to lower prices just for the sake of lower prices aren't interested being loyal to your organization.

Mindset: The small hinges that swing really big doors.

Your marketing is a magnet. It attracts people and repels people.

Premium buyers have a different mindset than luxury buyers and luxury buyers have a very different mindset than discount buyers.

As business organizations, chambers should be hyper-aware of how attracting one of these may repel the other. This is branding.

This year, I'm introducing a series of next-level topics for chambers who are familiar with my book Remembership - New Strategies for Remarkable Membership Organizations. I've been studying the highest performers in the Chamber industry, and besides doing the X's and O's I describe in Remembership, there's something more. That's what this series is going to focus on.

So I want to invite you to the first in this series. It's my free workshop called Change Your Mindset, Change Your Community.

In this workshop, we're going to discuss, number one, all the things that influence your mindset and I'll share some examples of how you can begin to see new opportunities by changing your own mindset.

Number two, I will also share some ways you can influence the mindset of others.

And number three, we'll talk about what you get when you add 1 and 2. If you think you'll get three, you have a very literal mindset. Because in my world 1 + 2 = 30. The right mindset can multiply your results -- your impact -- by 10 or more.

So I hope you'll join me on Thursday, January 18th. I have a special gift for everyone who attends and even if you're like "no, I can't make it on the 18th..." sign up anyway and I'll include you on the replay and free gift.

Here's to a great 2018, and I'll see you on the 18th!


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